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Ihavebeen workingwith JavaScript for a very long time, since somewhere between its invention in 1996 and when the first books were written about the new language—books I would check out from an actual library. And, as soon as I could, I built websites. I've come to love JavaScript, even with all its idiosyncrasies.

I started programming when I was ten, long before JavaScript, on a brand-new Texas Instruments TI-99/4 computer, building games like the ones I was playing on my Atari 2600. Computer science has always been fun and fascinating for me but I found that teaching was my true passion. The two together…truly what I was born to do.

So, I've been a freelance web designer and developer since the late 90s, and have been teaching computer science and coding to kids, teens, and adults for over a decade. Since 2015 I've logged 3500+ hours as a tutor with Wyzant.