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Getting Started with HTML and CSS

HTML and CSS are the basic building blocks of any web page, application, game, or anything that appears in your browser. In fact, these partner technologies are quickly finding ubiquity outside the browser, too: in native mobile devices, desktop applications, wearable devices, kiosks, and even operating systems.

This course will get you started with understanding and using HTML and CSS in your own projects. Not just a rundown of syntax, this course also teaches you how to think about your content in accordance with current best practices concerning search engine optimization (SEO) and accessibility issues.

No prior knowledge is needed; no downloads or installations are required, but read below for options.

Typing Code:

You will be typing HTML and CSS, and will need some editor to type into, preferably one that shows the result right away as you work. Here are some options:

Additionally, I strongly recommend you learn to touch type, if you haven't already.